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Nuts & Bolts

Paddy Denby Engineering Ltd stock the following bolts:

  • Metric 4-36mm
  • Coarse 4-24 mm
  • Fine 4-24mm
  • UNF UNC & BSF in
    • 8.8
    • 10.9
    • 12.5

A nut is a piece of material, typically with no less than two parallel faces, containing a circular hole formed at right angles and thread upon its internally cylindrical surface.

Locknuts grip threaded fasteners or its connected material so the rotation is resisted.

Washers are one of the most common forms of hardware and perform many varied functions in fastener assemblies.

They may only be required to span an oversize clearance hole, to give a better bearing for nuts or screw faces, or to distribute loads over a greater area.

Often, they serve as locking devices for threaded fasteners. They are also used to maintain a spring-resistance pressure, to guard surfaces against marring, and to provide a seal.