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Paddy Denby Engineering Ltd stocks various types of pulleys which include:

  • Z Section
  • A Section
  • B Section
  • C Section
  • SPC Section
  • SPA Section
  • SPB Section
  • SPC Section


We stock a comprehensive selection of high performance chains which guarantee consistent endurance and reliability to assist farming techniques. Our company focuses on all types of agricultural chains. By supplying standard boxed chains, we cut the length of the chains to suit various machines such as McHale Balers and include application to specific assemblies.

Chain Slings

At Paddy Denby Engineering Ltd, we supply a large range of the highest quality Grade 80 and Grade 100 alloy chain slings with an abundance of configuration and load preferences. We provide our chain slings based primarily on our customer’s requirement. Our chain slings are tested, stamped and certified to their highest possible standards. Our staff can advise each customer on necessary loadings, end fittings and load attachments to ensure the customer is getting the most out of their slings.
We advise our customers to consider the following criteria while choosing a quality high performance, chain sling for lifting. These requirements include:

  • Weight of the load to be lifted
  • The chain leg length required
  • Any temperature considerations
  • Number of legs required, single leg, double leg, four leg
  • The top fittings, master links, shortening clutches, bite hooks
  • Bottom fittings, latch lock hooks, sling hooks, C hooks, shackles
  • The nominal diameter of the chain taking into account the angle of lift Collar eyebolts


We provide a large array of eyebolts which are available from our extensive stocks. Any eyebolts out of standard with long shanks can be prepared to order. Our wide range includes:

  • Collar Eyebolts
  • Dynamo Eyebolts
  • Eyenuts
  • Swivel Eyebolts
  • Rud VRS Eyebolts
  • Rud LBG Eyebolts

Webbing Slings for Lifting

  • Textile Lifting Systems
  • Webbing Slings
  • Round Slings
  • Round Sling Assemblies
  • Polyester web slings conforming to EN1492-1 colour coded to CEN Norm. Labelled with identification number and safe working load can be supplied with soft bucket eyes and master links
  • Protection sleeves are available where slings are used over sharp edges and rough surfaces
  • Round slings and round sling assemblies are available in various configurations and with a range of hooks and fittings.